National Federation of Bridleway Associations – The Federation was formed in 1989 as the Federation of Pennine Bridleway Associations.

British Horse Society – Their Access Leaflet “WIND FARMS” makes very interesting reading.

Campaign for the Preservation of Rural Wales – This site will interest those wishing to explore a range of topics within the scope of the CPRW.

FreeRein – FreeRein promote opportunities to travel the Welsh Hills on horseback, either accompanied or unaccompanied. Matt Williams, the Proprietor, is crystal clear that wind turbines cause disturbance and noise and that the bizarre shadows and sunlight flicker and particularly upsetting to horses.

Heart of Wales Riding School – This school has been forced to close riding holidays for children because of insurance costs. Dave Thomas says “As a responsible owner of a riding school, I would never contemplate taking riders through a windfarm, the risks would be far too great.”